Praise for Making Mom Strong

"As a first time mom it's hard to know what to expect and the things your body goes through postpartum. I have felt very supported, encouraged and helped by Jen in my postpartum journey. I have benefited from and found the kegel and core videos very helpful, as well as the blog on keeping good posture while breast-feeding. Not only is my posture better and my back not sore, but the kegel exercises Jen gave me have helped a lot with bladder control, as well as making my core stronger. Making Mom Strong is a great resource and tool that has helped me in my postpartum journey and I would highly recommend it to any mom!"

− Danni

"As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Occupational Therapist, I have known Jennifer personally and professionally. Jennifer brings wisdom and compassion to any situation be it guiding her own children along the path of life, or her clients in a rehabilitation setting. She is precise, while also being gentle; knowledgeable while also being mindful; directive while also supporting ones own inner and outer strengths and resources for healing and restoration. "

− Dawn

"After I practiced the exercises for 5-10 minutes a day for a week or two my stomach was noticeably flatter, without any additional exercise. That was just 6 months after my second baby was born, so a flatter tummy at that stage, with just a few minutes of effort, was practically a miracle!"

− Elishia

"Meghan thoughtfully asked me questions and listened to me, which is so rare in a health care professional. I feel she truly identified my needs and made an individual plan for my body. It is rare to find someone so gifted in ones profession. Meghan is very easy to talk with and work jointly together. I have recommended many people to her."

− Erika, CNP

"I am grateful beyond words to Meghan and Jennifer, and their Making Mom Strong method. The birth of my third child (in 4 years!) left me with a severe pubic symphisis strain and mild prolapsed bladder. Meg and Jen gave me the tools needed to regain function - and they made it fun and totally manageable. After every encounter with MMS - whether by email, phone, or visiting their blog and watching videos - I felt empowered and filled with hope that I COULD DO THIS! These gals know what they are talking about! They will work with you personally and specifically to meet your needs, and they take into account everything - whether that's three little babies and a traveling husband, or working long hours with a newborn at home. They know how to personalize each situation and give you exactly what you need to not only regain function, but actually get STRONGER!"

− Katie, RN, BSN

"I believe the "Making Mom Strong" program not only is helpful, but crucial to any woman who has given birth and wants to resume an active lifestyle. And perhaps even more importantly, this program teaches all women -- regardless of how active they are -- how to regain pelvic floor strength so we don't have to fear peeing in our pants when we sneeze or jump with our kids on a trampoline."

− Abby

"As a physician and a working mom I am so grateful for this class! Jennifer helped me understand the basic mechanics of posture and movement and these exercises have helped me get stronger and have less pain. Bravo! "

− Monica

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