Step-by-Step ab exercises to help you train your postpartum body

15 Day Core Strength Program for Moms


15 Days of Exercises

Only 10 Minutes a Day

Yes, I want to train my abs with you!

Meghan Haid Sterling DPT

Jennifer Gabrys PT, OCS

In this Awesome Online Video Program You Will Learn:

  1. You'll learn our method for specific ways to do ab exercises correctly. These exercises are easily accessible and understandable. This is not the same old information that is popular, but information that actually works. 
  2. You'll finally get it right. Perhaps you’ve already tried other programs and aren’t seeing the results you want – they may have missed out on teaching you the nuances of your deep core muscles. Many other programs talk about the Transverse Abdominis like it's so easy to get going again. We know this isn’t true for most postpartum women. We help you get it right so can build your strong foundation of ab strength.
  3. You’ll know if you are doing it wrong. We see a number of ways that people fail at traditional ab exercises – so we make sure to teach you how to recognize if you are making one of these common mistakes, and show you how to fix them. 
  4. You’ll learn to incorporate your ab exercises into everything you do all day long.  Get stronger as you go through your day – spend less time lying on an exercise mat to get strong, and more time enjoying your day. 
  5. You’ll see results. Your tummy will start to feel firmer and flatter while you are doing the exercises.  And you won't be sacrificing other important function.  We make sure you can flatten while you keep breathing, keep your ribs relaxed, no downward pressure on your pelvic floor or forward pressure on your DRA.  Flatten your abdomen this way all day long and you will have the strongest foundation in the room.
  6. You’ll be lead through the exercise progressions step by step.  15 videos start you off at the simplest contractions of your deep core muscles and build up to classic exercises like leg lifts and planks.  All without glossing over the subtle nuances that make those exercises actually dangerous if you aren’t strong enough.
  7. You’ll have the time to do it.  Each daily video is around 10 minutes long.  We have packed a ton of value and specific instruction into a short period of time that actually creates results.
  8. You’ll be able to progress as quickly or as slowly as your body needs.  We have set up the program as 15 progressive videos.  We have many graduates who have completed the program in 5 days a week for 3 weeks, and others who have repeated some of the daily videos for a few days to allow their bodies to really gain the strength and expertise in the new coordination before they move on.  It is all flexible based on what you need.
  9. You’ll have support.  Jennifer and Meghan are available to answer your questions on the private FB group.  Other moms share their stories, struggles and successes that you can learn from and feel encouraged by.

Please check with your physician to ensure you're ready to return to exercise.
If you're not pleased with your results we will happily refund your money. 

All this for only $147. So claim your spot now!

Yes! I want to train my abs with you!