Meet Jennifer

JEN.pngBeing a mom is intense.
Intensely wonderful and challenging all at the same time.

It’s a busy whirlwind of toys and diapers, laughter and crying.
And in all of your spare time you are supposed to snap your body back into shape……
Unless you are an exercise expert, how are you supposed to know where to start???

Don’t worry. I can help you get the body you want.

It’s not about doing a million crazy exercises; it’s about working smart. And I can teach almost anyone to do the right exercises.

I’m Jennifer. I’m a Physical Therapist and a mom. Actually I should say I’m a Mom and I am a Physical Therapist.

(don’t know what a Physical Therapist is? Click here)

I have two awesome young kids and a husband that have enhanced my life in so many ways.park family photo 4 19 14.png

And I am so blessed to have a career that is my passion. I love helping moms like you regain a body that not only looks good, but also works they way it is supposed to. I have been working as a Physical Therapist for 14 years and I have been a mom for over 5 years. Learn more about Jen here.

In 2011, I started Making Mom Strong to help women learn the skills they need to achieve all of their goals: flat stomach, a body that works (ie, no back pain and you don’t pee your pants when you jump around or sneeze) and can do all of the exercises you love.

jen DSC00600.pngThis is not too much to ask for!

The myth of motherhood is over. We don’t have to share the myths that our mothers and grandmothers believe. It’s just out of date and inaccurate to think that our body will never have toned abdominal muscles again or that it’s ok that we all pee our pants when we laugh. I can’t tell you how many 60 year old women who think this way.
But, the new myth of our generation is just as inaccurate. So many young women we meet think we have to run around doing crazy exercises starting at 6 weeks postpartum to get back in our skinny jeans – all without regard to what our bodies are telling us (back pain, pelvic floor pressure and ongoing leaking urine).

The sad irony of jumping back into hard exercise without a strong deep core is that the more leg lifts you do, the more your belly actually pooches out….. what a colossal waste of time.

But we are here to help!!

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As a physician and a working mom I am so grateful for this class! Jennifer helped me understand the basic mechanics of posture and movement and these exercises have helped me get stronger and have less pain. Bravo!


As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Occupational Therapist, I have known Jennifer personally and professionally. Jennifer brings wisdom and compassion to any situation be it guiding her own children along the path of life, or her clients in a rehabilitation setting. She is precise, while also being gentle; knowledgeable while also being mindful; directive while also supporting ones own inner and outer strengths and resources for healing and restoration.