About Making Mom Strong

Having a baby is no joke. You’re tired. Your body is so different and you really want to feel coroundMMSprofilepicnfident in your skin again.

You want to exercise, tone your abs, and find your pre-baby body but you’re not sure where to start. You need someone to show you the smartest way to get it back.

We’ve been there! We have your solution!

We are Making Mom Strong, and we help ambitious moms hone their body from the inside out with our cutting edge method of exercise and education.

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We are physical therapists who treat women in all stages of motherhood. We love to work with women during pregnancy and after giving birth to teach them the BEST way to get a body that works, looks and feels great.

We’ve both had children and faced our own complications. We’re shocked by the lack of smart, safe information that exists to help moms get their body back on track.

We also see too many moms killing themselves to get skinny fast and having ongoing issues (pain, incontinence, prolapse). We think our generation of moms suffers from trying to be super woman in all aspects of life, and we’re hurting our bodies instead of honing them. Let’s change that!

With over 25 years of combined experience we started Making Mom Strong to share our innovative secrets with you. We’ve developed the smartest method to help you get from your postpartum body to one that can do anything you want it to. And we’ll help you avoid the most common complications along the way!

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Meghan and Jennifer