Avoid Pain and Complications

We treat way too much of both in our clinics. Our generation of moms really expect ourselves to be great at everything- happy homemaker, busy professional, sexy and fit…oh, and a great mom. Many of us are also a decade older than our moms were when they had children.

To that end we often charge forth and expect our bodies to come along for the ride. They can’t always keep up!

Most pain comes from straining- not being strong enough to do the activity you’re trying to do, or from using poor posture with prolonged positions (nursing, carrying baby). These posts will help you avoid that pain.

Don’t Do the Facebook 30 Day Ab Challenge!

Breastfeeding that Doesn’t Hurt Your Back

Strollers, Strollers, Everywhere!

Sitting Posture

Take a Stand for Good Posture

How Jen Gave Me a Smackdown

Why I Gave Meg a Smackdown- a Story About Back Pain

Also, check out our ever-growing list of special topics, as we address some of the most common complications.

The Smart Way to Gain Core Strength Without Your Pelvic Organs Falling Into Your Vagina

Pubic Symphysis Strain- 1 Week Postpartum

Let us know if there is something specific you’d like us to cover!

Remember, this advice should be taken as an adjunct to your good judgment and consultation with your doctor or midwife. There are a million reasons why you may be having pain, and we cover topics based on our personal and clinical experience.

Since we have not examined you please consult with your doctor to have your problems specifically diagnosed.

We want your body to work well so you can enjoy the journey of motherhood a little bit more!


Meghan and Jennifer

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