The Best Way to Get Back in Shape

It’s smart, not hard!

You want to lose the baby fat pronto. It’s absolutely possible. Some people go too fast, and some never get started.

We know you’re excited to get to it- so let’s do it smart. Remember, you just had a baby (could you forget?)! Your body was stretched out in front (your abs) and at the bottom (pelvic floor).

As a side note- your pelvic floor is most affected by vaginal delivery (captain obvious), especially with tearing or an episiotomy. But you may be surprised to know that even if you had a C-section you’ve had 9 months of pressure on your
pelvic floor.

Once again, it’s all about the deep core muscles drawing everything in and up. Many of the problems we treat in the clinic are associated with moms bearing down and out. Yikes!

Start with walking, and then build back to everything you love.

Our rule is this: if you feel pressure down and out, go slower and wait longer. Focus on deep core training. If it doesn’t come together for you find a local PT or come see us!

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