Great Abs
There’s More to it Than Just Looking Good

Yep, we know, you want abs that look like you never had a baby. We’ll give you everything we’ve got to get you there.

But remember, there are many variables at play here- genetics (you can always blame YOUR mom!), weight gain/loss, stretch marks, loose skin, etc.

It’s sad but true; some things are out of your control.

Not everything! Regardless of some of the other cosmetic issues, you can still have great abs- that start with great deep core muscles.

These muscles are your bodies’ natural corset, and are crucial to getting your belly flat again, as well as supporting your body during activity. It’s true that you can do a million crunches and still have a bulgy belly if your deep core is not doing its job.

Follow this 5 part series to find and train your deep core:

Get Your Abs Flat Again!…or…Find Your Deep Core!

What Your Pilates Instructor may be Doing Wrong

Now Start Workin’ Those Fab Abs

How Jen Gave Me a Smackdown

No More Muffin Top

Make sure you’re doing this correctly! It’s crucial to success. Here Jen shows you a great way ensure your deep core is on and ready to go.

Are You Ready to Exercise?

Bonus points to the deep core muscles! They not only flatten your stomach, but protect you from back pain and can possibly help close a DRA (daistasis recti abdominis), the split some ladies experience down the center of their abs during pregnancy.

So, go get em’ girls, and let us know in the comments about your struggles and success!


Meghan and Jennifer

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