Why Jen Gave Me a Smackdown: Deep Core Part 4

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Deep Core Series – Part 4

Here at Making Mom Strong, we are dedicated to bringing you accurate information about your body, your muscles and postpartum abdominal exercises that are effective and safe.  This is not super trendy – but hopefully this more accurate way of approaching your core muscles (research based!) will be known by everyone world wide one day.

This blog is part of our mission to help women get back to the life they love after having babies.

My big lesson started something like this:

Meg:  “I have a hard time using my core during the day.  I can do it with exercises and when I’m standing still folding laundry.  But life is too busy!  I don’t have time to think about it when I’m rushing around, picking up toys, or with kids screaming at me to pick them up.”

Jen:  “Are you SERIOUSLY telling me you can’t take half a second with a screaming child to protect your body?”

Meg:  SilenceFeeling embarrassed for making a pitiful excuse. I know better.

I am so grateful she called me out on my foolishness.  I quickly got over myself and changed my ways.

Now you can too! You must understand how to build strengthening into everything you do. If you do nothing else, do this.

You will protect your body and get a workout at the same time.  Serious mama multitasking!

In the clinic I have a lecture for my clients that goes like this:

“If you don’t apply what you’re learning to real life situations you’re wasting your time!”

“If you only train your core laying on the floor but not while lifting your baby or schlepping groceries you are missing the entire point of the exercise.”

From now on you will start using that beautiful core you’ve been training to support  your body during activity.

Find a trick to remind you to engage before you lift, run, squat, etc…

Mine is to quickly touch my lower belly.  In that half a second my muscles get turned on and ready to go.  Two years later it’s happily still a habit, even though my core now fires reflexively again.

Yes, that’s the goal!  With time and practice your deep core will work automatically, just like before you had your baby. It only needs to be reminded how.

How many times a day do you do this?!?

How many times a day do you do this?!?

Every time you should:


In the words of the amazing Marie Forleo, “start before you’re ready”.

She’s referring to business, I’m referring to new safe, effective habits for your body.  Even if you’re not sure you’re engaging your deep core at all times, keep trying!

The only way to get where you want to go is to start heading there today.  It will get easier and easier and one day soon it will be automatic again.  How cool is that?!?!

If you need to review basic deep core exercises sign up for our free video training, click below:




Tune in next week for more advanced deep core training!

Let us know in the comments if you need extra guidance.  We are here for you!

Today the special love goes to Jen for being awesome in so many ways and for kicking my butt when I need it!



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