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Deep Core Series – Part 5

Here at Making Mom Strong, we are dedicated to bringing you accurate information about your body, your muscles and postpartum abdominal exercises that are effective and safe.  This is not super trendy – but hopefully this more accurate way of approaching your core muscles (research based!) will be known by everyone world wide one day.

This blog is part of our mission to help women get back to the life they love after having babies.

Yahoo!  You did it!

You hung in there with me through 5 weeks of deep core training.  I know it’s not the most fun, but it is one of the most important things you’ll do for your body. Educate yourself now to help avoid problems in the future.

And, you’re abs will really start to look great!  Especially if you’re eating well and getting some regular cardio like walking or the elliptical.

So here it is.  Three great advanced core exercises.

One rule: PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have followed the previous posts and are using perfect form when you do these! You can find the first post here.

This is why you’re here now with us instead of a bootcamp class. You’re learning to work smarter, not harder, so that when you do go to bootcamp you won’t pee your pants!!!!!

I’m only going to say this once.  As always, the primary goal is to use your deep core perfectly with every repetition.  You’re now working your entire body, which rocks (!), but….

Ease up if you’re feeling pressure in your pelvic floor, if you’re bearing down (like you’re having a bowel movement), or holding your breath.

Do each exercise for as long as you can perfectly, then rest.  You will build up endurance as you go.

Bridge Variations

Safe, simple and effective.  You’re also working your quads, hamstrings, gluts, and back muscles.  Hello!


  • Engage your deep core.
  • Push through feet to lift butt.
  • Squeeze your butt!
  • DON’T arch your back, keep it flat.
  • Build up to 30 reps of 5-10 second holds.


When that gets easy, try this:


  • Imagine balancing a glass on your belly.
  • Lift one foot up a few inches slowly.
  • Lower slowly (don’t plop!).
  • Keep pelvis level and core turned on.
  • Alternate sides for up to 30 reps.


Plank Variations

Start here.  This is still hard, don’t fool yourself.DSC00501

  • Keep your butt down and your belly up.
  • Squeeze your butt, it makes it easier!
  • Start with 10 second holds
  • With all variations, practice until you can hold for 1 minute.

You can also try it this way!

DSC00506Here’s a full plank.  It’s a great core challenge, and worth working up to.  But don’t forget our motto:

“Work smarter, not harder!”



Finally, we challenge core training with function to prepare you for years of chasing your kiddos.

You know we LOVE squats.  One of my favorite things to say is “squat for everything!”

But when squats aren’t just the right thing (like when picking your baby up from the floor) try a lunge.  Master these and then USE IN REAL LIFE!

Start here.  Hold a chair for balance if you need, it’s ok!DSC00513

  • Drop back knee straight down (start small if you need)
  • Keep your front knee directly over your ankle, don’t let it go forward.
  • Hinge your trunk a little to work your butt better.
  • Build up to 30 reps, alternating legs.DSC00519



One last thing.  Something we can’t teach you online is intuition. Please listen to your body!  We hope to give you guidance on your journey, but we can’t be with you to ensure perfection.

If you’re having pain or difficulty or need more help, find a local physical therapist to help you do exactly what’s best for your body. We want you to rock!


Let us know if you have questions or problems in the comments.  Or just say hi!




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