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As a first time mom it’s hard to know what to expect and the things your body goes through postpartum. I have felt very supported, encouraged and helped by Jen in my postpartum journey. I have benefited from and found the kegel and core videos very helpful, as well as the blog on keeping good posture while breast-feeding. Not only is my posture better and my back not sore, but the kegel exercises Jen gave me have helped a lot with bladder control, as well as making my core stronger. Making Mom Strong is a great resource and tool that has helped me in my postpartum journey and I would highly recommend it to any mom!”



After two kids, my pelvic floor muscles were kaput. I found myself too weak to do my pre-pregnancy bootcamp and barre workouts and I didn’t think I could get my body back without returning to my previous workout regimen. I felt defeated and demoralized. After starting the Making Mom Strong program, I quickly realized that I’d been doing traditional abdominal moves the wrong way my entire life. No wonder that, even after 20 years of working out, I still didn’t have the tight stomach that I’d always wanted. The MMS training helps you focus on all of the muscles that compose your core – not just the abs. I really do feel like I’m finally training smarter, not harder, to create a tight and taut core. I recommend this program for women who, like me, have suffered from a prolapse or cystocele after child birth, any mom seeking to build core strength to help with the physical demands of daily life with kids, or any women who has spent years doing crunches without seeing the desired results.


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What I learned in a short 2 hours with Jennifer was deceptively simple, yet extremely effective. After I practiced the exercises for 5-10 minutes a day for a week or two my stomach was noticeably flatter, without any additional exercise. That was just 6 months after my second baby was born, so a flatter tummy at that stage, with just a few minutes of effort, was practically a miracle!

Later that year I met an old girlfriend from France who has four children and she was telling me all about the incredible postpartum care that is standard in France. It included exercises much like the ones Jennifer had taught me. I feel very grateful to have gotten such great, cutting edge information from Jennifer and such attentive feedback on my technique. Her classes should certainly be included in the very basics of every new mom’s postpartum recovery.



Meghan has been treating me as I’ve been recovering from surgery to correct a cystocele and rectocele. The information and treatment she has provided has been absolutely invaluable! Meghan has alleviated back and pelvic pain and tension I have suffered with for 15 years; pain that three other physical therapists and two chiropractors were unable to help with long-term. I love that she focuses on the root of problems, not the symptoms. In addition to therapy to correct existing problems, she’s helping me learn proper posture, safe lifting techniques and just how to overall become strong and safe.

With two little boys under the age of five, I have no choice but to keep up, and Meg is helping make that happen. She’s giving me the foundation I wish I’d developed as an 18-year-old. If so, I probably would have avoided pelvic organ prolapse, difficult pregnancies and years of pain. I would recommend that every single woman learn
the MMS method – every single one of us will benefit!

Katie, RN, BSN


I am grateful beyond words to Meghan and Jennifer, and their Making Mom Strong method. The birth of my third child (in 4 years!) left me with a severe pubic symphisis strain and mild prolapsed bladder. Meg and Jen gave me the tools needed to regain function – and they made it fun and totally manageable. After every encounter with MMS – whether by email, phone, or visiting their blog and watching videos – I felt empowered and filled with hope that I COULD DO THIS!

These gals know what they are talking about! They will work with you personally and specifically to meet your needs, and they take into account everything – whether that’s three little babies and a traveling husband, or working long hours with a newborn at home. They know how to personalize each situation and give you exactly what you need to not only regain function, but actually get STRONGER!



The miracle of pregnancy and joy of childcare are paired with exhaustion and intensely physical, daily demands. After attending the Making Moms Strong class, I have a more informed awareness of how my body’s structure can best support me as I do my parenting reps. The wisdom I received from the class is put into use multiple times a day; from every time I lift a child or a pot of water to when I feel a sneeze coming on. It feels empowering to give attention and respect to my own body and I trust that this supports the work I am doing as a mother.

Meghan and Jennifer show up as a great team; they clearly enjoy working together and sharing their knowledge to support mamas. I appreciate the model that they have created because there is distinct anatomy taught, real life applications of the exercises and one on one check-ins where feedback about our efforts to engage our deep core is offered. I would strongly recommend this class for any woman who is post partum, no matter how few or how many years, because the fruit of this knowledge allows us to retrain and sustain a strong core. And that will support each of us through the full span of our days, nights and years.”



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After my daughter was born I felt like a tornado had passed through my body. I had no idea that pregnancy and childbirth could wreak such havoc on a woman! I had a particularly difficult birth experience and needed some physical therapy to regain pelvic floor functioning, and to my great fortune, my doctor recommended that I see Meghan for this work. Within seconds of entering Meghan’s office, I knew I would have a positive experience with her. She exudes kindness and warmth, and she immediately made me feel comfortable talking about what was going on with my body. Not only was this level of comfort necessary for physical therapy focused on my vagina, but Meghan was a total miracle worker, and within a very short time I was functioning normally.

Meghan also encouraged me to do the “Making Mom Strong” workshop she teaches with Jennifer. Through this workshop Meghan and Jennifer introduced me to — and instilled in me a profound appreciation for! — my transverse abdominis (TA). I learned the proper way to regain my core abdominal strength after pregnancy, focusing on strengthening the TA so that it could support the other abdominal muscles as I began to strengthen those as well. This method was crucial, and stood in stark contrast to the unfortunately MANY so-called postpartum workout DVDs that do women a disservice by ignoring altogether the importance of the TA. Additionally, Jennifer and Meghan taught me proper posture for picking up my baby and nursing so as to minimize any pain or injury that could have resulted from doing these things incorrectly. And finally, they taught me a number of pelvic floor strengthening exercises, which I continue to do to this day.

I believe the “Making Mom Strong” program not only is helpful, but crucial to any woman who has given birth and wants to resume an active lifestyle. And perhaps even more importantly, this program teaches all women — regardless of how active they are — how to regain pelvic floor strength so we don’t have to fear peeing in our pants when we sneeze or jump with our kids on a trampoline.

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