The Quickest Way Back to Your Hardcore Workout


I know, you want your post-baby body to look and act like your pre-baby body. And you want it, like, yesterday.

Not only that, you want to run, plank, swing kettle bells, and do crossfit. You want it now. Your workout is critical, it’s part of your identity, and how you manage stress. And I know how stressful the sleep deprivation and needs of babies/kids/families are.

What’s a gal to do?

Well, you’re free to just go for it. That’s what I did once, and you can read about it here: “How to Be Smart as You Return to Exercise: A Tale of My Stupidity”.  It didn’t work out too well, so here’s what I’d recommend instead:

Take a smart, safe, and therefore quicker path back to your fitness goals. Yes, I’m here to argue that the quickest way to your hardcore workout doesn’t actually start with a hardcore workout.

You see, most of us don’t simply “bounce back” five weeks after giving birth, enjoying long runs, lifting heavy weights and HIIT workouts right from the start. Many of us try, thinking that’s how it works, or not quite knowing where we’re supposed to start. Often we simply do a little less, or a little more gently, when returning to what we did before. But if you’re talking about running or crossfit, even “less” and “gentle” workouts are still imparting significant forces through your body.

Your body has been fundamentally changed by the process of giving birth (vaginal or cesarean) and if you want to make a strong recovery and return to your intense exercise…

You must rebuild the foundation of deep core strength you had before, and do it well.

Otherwise, you may find yourself dealing with pain, injury, and incontinence…not to mention frustration, floppy bellies, and uncertainty about your body and its potential. Thus, the quickest way back to your hardcore workout is to take the time from the beginning to train your body right.

Start here:

Find your deep core muscles and learn to activate them properly. These don’t automatically start working well for many women, and muscles have to actually work properly before you can strengthen them!


Use proper core activation without holding your breath.  Try using your core to support you in daily life, like picking up your baby.


Follow a thought out plan to build up strength in your deep core until it becomes sufficient to support the hard core exercise you want to return to. If you’re actually working your way back to intense workouts, assume you need some significant deep core strength.


Want more help and specific guidance? Download our Deep Core Muscle Handout and Anatomy Diagram by clicking below.

Deep Core leadmagnet download



We want to get you back to any workout you want. We want to help you do it quickly.  We want to help you do it well. We want your body to be stronger than ever!

What other questions do you have about getting yourself ready for hard core exercise? Let us know in the comments. And if you love this info, share with your friends- this is the secret that all of our mothers wish they knew after we were born!


Meghan & Jennifer



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