A Valentine’s Day Wish to Myself

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you had a lovely day with whatever fills your love tank. I hope you feel full of love and appreciation and chocolate dessert!

My husband and I had a babysitter this afternoon and we went for a mountain bike ride – not exactly a traditional Valentine’s day date. Before kids it was expensive dinners out and roses, and now some time doing outdoor activities and then a special dinner and chocolate tart at home with the kids is just as good.

I’ve been thinking of the meaning of Valentine’s Day. What if it isn’t about how much everyone else remembers and appreciates you, but how much you appreciate yourself.

Last week, my son was making Valentine’s cards for school. One for every kid in his class, then he declared he wanted to make one for himself. I thought it was sweet and naïve – but why not. He wrote in his card: “To Me, Happy Valentine’s Day, Love Me”. He sealed it up and took it to school and put it in his collection box at school.

Last night I was making my husband and kids simple hand made Valentine’s Day cards on red paper. I listed out things about them that are special. “I love your giggles”, “I love your hugs”, “I love your reading”, “I love your support” (for my husband)……. It was fun.

Then I had the idea to write one to myself. I felt a little stumped and self conscious at first, but I kept it simple and let the ideas flow.

By the end I felt empowered.

I think I might do it again next year. I think you should try it now too.

There is something to be said for having good thoughts running through your head, but putting them on pretty paper that is a love note to yourself is empowering.

It makes me think about our message to women here at Making Mom Strong. If I were to write you a love note of encouragement it would say:

  • Be kind and gentle to yourself.
  • Get your deep core strength figured out and then do the exercises you love.
  • Exercise not because it will make you skinny, but because it will make you feel good on the inside and because your body loves to move.

I am so grateful for my body.  My body is stronger now that it ever has been, even before having kids. My best ideas for Making Mom Strong come when I am riding my bike on the dirt trails or when I am skiing. I can’t do those things everyday but I cherish them when I do. I hope you have things that makes your heart sing, and makes you feel more connected to who you really are.

I wish you love and compassion for your body. These amazing bodies that have borne children and have to work hard everyday lifting and carrying them, cleaning up after them.

We are pretty amazing. Now write yourself a love note.

As always, let us know what you are thinking about or struggling with, we are here for you.

Love Jen

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